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In a land that stretches from the gentle slopes of the hills to the peaceful Adriatic Sea and where natural light contributes to exalt the evocative shapes of the landscape and its historic architectures, Stefano Dall’Osso founded his company that has expanded over time and gained influence both at a national and international level.
The head office rises on the old city centre of Fermo, a medieval small town that still today preserves the typical ruins of one of the main Roman colonies.
In a welcoming office, strategically located in the main street of the municipality of Fermo, ten professionals work hard to join and intertwine their skills in order to provide a complete final design, thought out down to the smallest detail and perfectly suitable for the client’s needs. It is a cosy place, divided into two rooms: the design department and the managerial department. With ten workstations, a meeting room with flat screen and a bar corner to take a short break from time to time, the office is characterized by a stimulating atmosphere that helps the designers to spend indoors most of their day, thus making possible the perfect union between pragmatism and efficiency.

Vicolo Erioni, 4
63900 Fermo (FM) Italy
Tel. +39 0734 217222
Fax +39 0734 219112